One of the most common types of projects we are involved in is the renovation of historic buildings.  These jobs are often some of the most interesting (and most challenging) jobs that can come along.  Integrating new methods of heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical into a building built before those technologies even existed can present some interesting puzzles to an engineer.  Something we keep in mind while working on these types of projects is to not ignore the heating and cooling strategies that were used before air conditioning.  Many times, they can be put to use to help reduce the energy use of the building and improve occupant comfort.

Speaking of renovating historic buildings… This month, Havana Grill opens in Downtown Rogers, AR in what used to be a gas and service station.  We were honored to have been a part of the design team for this project producing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs.  You can check out our recent post to see some photos of the total transformation of this space.

If you didn’t see our announcement earlier this week, Forward Engineers is proud to be a sponsor for the inaugural Lap the Lake fundraiser supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to be held this Friday, Sep 21, at Lake Atalanta in Downtown Rogers, AR.

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