August is often when buildings will see their peak air conditioning loads.  However, as long as you are comfortable don’t be concerned if you notice your HVAC system running for long periods.  During this time of year, that’s an indication that the system is sized just right.  Oversized units will run for a short amount of time and then turn off just to turn on again soon after.  This is called short cycling and is hard on electric motors.  Some newer units may have variable speed drives which can go a long way in increasing the units efficiency and reducing the effects of short cycling.

We announced in June our sponsorship of the 24th Annual Green Valley Bible Camp Golf Tournament.  The tournament was held last weekend and raised over $7,000 for scholarships to the camp.  We were proud to be the presenting sponsor this year and our third year as a sponsor overall.  You can see a few pictures of the event on our web page.  You can see additional photos and learn more about the event at the GVBC Tournament Facebook page.  Thank you to all who participated in this great event.

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