This April, Forward Engineers has been in business for 5 years! I haven’t marked every year with some kind of celebratory post, but I suppose a 5 year anniversary deserves some recognition. The time really has flown as it seems like just yesterday that I was filing the paperwork to get the company started.

I think it’s prudent to take some time to reflect on what we set out to do and what we ended up doing. One of our early brochures stated the company was started “with a vision to provide clients with complete energy consulting and design services.” 5 years on, I feel that we have lived up to this promise. Forward Engineers currently provides MEP design services to local and regional clients. While energy consulting is a smaller portion of our business now than it was early on, we still love providing this service to a few nationwide clients.

This spring, we took the time to review our business “blurb” and it gave us the opportunity to really think about what set us apart from other engineering firms. After a lot of reflection we came up with a statement that really focuses on our commitment to customer service:

We believe that professional expertise, positive attitudes and effective communication are the keys to a successful project. Forward Engineers was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide local and nation-wide clients with mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services that are on time, on budget and exceed expectations. From simple sketches to complete construction drawings, we can customize our services to meet your needs. With experience in multi-family developments, restaurants, retail spaces, office buildings and more you can look forward to a great experience working with us on your next project.

I am constantly thankful for the opportunity to do the work that Forward Engineers allows me to do. Of course, none of that would be impossible without our clients and vendors. Thank you all for getting us this far. Here’s to another 5 years (and hopefully a lot longer after that)!