Summer officially starts this week and for many that means vacation, days at the pool or going camping.  For the campers, have you ever wished you could have an air-conditioned tent?  When the military goes “camping” they sometimes need to air condition their tents to protect equipment and personnel.  If you are curious how this is done, be sure to check out our recent post on Tent HVAC

I recently had the privilege to travel to Louisville for the 27th Congress of New Urbanism (CNU).  This conference is focused primarily on city planning and architecture, but I am usually able to glean some useful engineering tips as well.  Stay tuned to our website for a post about what I learned.  In the meantime, be sure to check out my post from CNU 2017 in Seattle.

Finally, a small matter of housekeeping:  Up to now these newsletters have been monthly but starting with this one they will now be quarterly.  This allows me to condense information and announcements into fewer newsletters and hopefully make them more useful to you.

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