A couple years ago I wrote an article going through the payback calculations for LED Christmas lights.  I have featured that article a few times in the past, but if you haven’t read it before it is a good example of how energy efficiency decisions can be made.  The bottom line of that article was based on the energy savings alone, LED lights weren’t a winner.  However, I hinted at other costs such as replacing light bulbs that should also be considered.  For my own part, those hidden costs caught up with me this year and I finally purchased all new outdoor LED lights for our home.  Now we can enjoy our lit up home without constantly spotting dead light bulbs and even save a few dollars on electricity during the holiday season.

Please note that Forward Engineers will be closed during the week of Christmas (Dec 24-28) and on the following Monday and Tuesday for New Year’s (Dec 31 and Jan 1).  After a good break, we will look forward to getting back to work next year.  From all of us here at Forward Engineers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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