Forward Engineers was honored to share Partner Kevin Jensen with Elmwood Middle School in Rogers for their Veteran’s Day assembly held earlier today.  Kevin was asked to speak by the faculty about his service in the military as well as in the community.

Recapping his recent deployment to Afghanistan, Kevin discussed how his Navy construction unit supported the troops deployed there by building and maintaining buildings and infrastructure integral to the war effort.  He discussed with the students ways that they could serve in the military and the multitude of jobs available.

Kevin continued on to discuss ways in which the students can serve their community in other ways than joining the military.  He described local opportunities to serve in city government, like he does on the Rogers Planning Commission, as well as volunteer and donation opportunities.

Finishing up, Kevin talked about how students can serve their community now while still a young adult.  He explained that the students don’t have to wait to grow up to help someone with their school work or to mentor a fellow student.  With a nod to the faculty, he challenged the students to ask their teachers how they could help.  He finished with, “I’m confident they will have an answer for you.”

Forward Engineers is proud to support Veterans and to celebrate Veteran’s Day by participating in local events and remembering their sacrifice and service to the nation.  Thank you!