Belated congratulations are due to the Kindness Kottage of Mineola, TX on moving to their new location.  Back in May, the Kindness Kottage moved from their much smaller space to their new store that is around six times the size.  The new building, located at 316 East Broad Street was renovated with all new plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and lighting during the early part of this year.

Forward Engineers was honored to have been a part of the design team for this remodel project.  Our staff prepared the mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings for the renovation.  As I make a habit of saying, one of the best feelings as a design professional is to see your designs constructed and put to use.  The Kindness Kottage has our best wishes for their success in their new space!

You can read more about the Kindness Kottage and see a few more pictures of the space at their website.  You can see more of our past projects on our portfolio page.