With the new year, the current version of the Federal Section 179d tax deduction has now expired.  Congress will hopefully be taking action soon to extend it so any current projects are still good candidates for the deduction.  I am constantly looking for any updates to the extension effort and this month I looked into a few of the House bills that I’m keeping an eye on.  We’ll be posting any major updates on the extension to our website so be sure to check back later for more information.  Here’s a few more of our posts from this month:

  1. Refrigerant History and Nomenclature – It may seem like one of the more boring topics around, but how refrigerants can be quite interesting.  Warning: Chemistry ahead!
  2. New Method of Energy Code Compliance – ASHRAE Appendix G may now be used as a method for energy code compliance. If you don’t know what any of that means, be sure to read our article to learn some about energy codes and how engineers show that the building complies.

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