We are proud to offer both energy consulting and building design services under the same roof.  This means that our firm can advise the client on energy efficient improvements to a building, complete alternative analysis using computer modeling, generate construction documents, perform construction observations, complete rebate/incentive applications and lastly commission the building for maximum performance.  Please see the full list of our services below and contact us with any questions or if you have a project that we can be of assistance on.

Building Design

  1. Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineering: We have years of experience designing many different types of building systems.
  2. Refrigeration Engineering: Our refrigeration design experience stems from years designing supermarket refrigeration systems. We are skilled at both design and analysis of refrigeration systems.
  3. GeoExchange (GSHP) Design: Ground Source Heat Pumps are very efficient and can potentially save the building owner a lot of money. The downside is the high installation cost. A properly designed system can significantly reduce this upfront cost and allow you to enjoy the benefits of ground source without the major drawbacks. We have experience in ground loop projects from small ground loop installations in a residential application to entire communities built around ground loop technology.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

  1. Small Business Energy Auditing: An energy audit is a survey of a commercial building that looks at the envelope (walls, roof, windows), the mechanical systems (heating, air-conditioning), lighting and building controls (thermostats, lighting controls) to find areas in which the building owner can reduce expenses by using less energy. Our small business audit is designed to fit your budget and includes a walk through of the facility with a licensed engineer to identify cost savings opportunities. We’ll take the time to look at each building system with you and discuss options that can save you money. After the walk through is complete, we’ll follow-up by sending an email detailing our findings. Additional services such as a review of past energy bills and computer modeling can be easily included, if desired.
  2. ASHRAE Energy Auditing: More in-depth than our small business audits, our ASHRAE energy audits produce a very informative report on the energy usage and savings opportunities for a building.  Audits include a walk through of the building, energy usage benchmarking/analysis and an in-depth look at energy conservation measures that may include computer modeling.  Once complete, we provide a comprehensive report with our recommendations.
  3. 179d Federal Tax Deduction Certification: The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) was enacted to provide tax savings for building owners who install energy efficient equipment, lighting or envelopes on commercial buildings. Section 179D allows a maximum potential tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot of affected spaces. If upgrades only allow for increased savings in HVAC, lighting or the envelope then tax deductions of up to $0.60 per square foot can be realized independently for each measure. We have worked closely with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to perfect our method of certifying building for HVAC upgrades. We can do this quickly and cost effectively giving you the ability to maximize your deduction. We can also certify lighting-only, envelope only and whole buildings.
  4. Energy Modeling: An energy model is a virtual model of your building including its construction materials, HVAC systems, lighting, controls and process loads. The virtual building is then simulated through a full year calculating the energy used every hour. The output can be used to predict cost savings of energy efficiency measures or to compare a proposed building against an energy code. We are well versed in building modeling for energy efficiency measures (audits) or for code compliance.
  5. Rebate/Incentive Application Management: Many utility companies around the country provide incentives for new construction and remodel projects. These rebates can drastically improve the ROI of energy efficiency measures. We work with the utility companies and their partners to complete the applications and provide any supporting material required. All you have to do is deposit the check.
  6. Commissioning & Retrocommissioning: Commissioning and Retrocommissioning ensures that your building is operating as it should. There is no benefit realized if an energy efficient system is specified in the drawings, but then isn’t installed or set up properly. We are highly experienced in commissioning new and existing buildings. Let us help you make sure your building is operating as it should.