Forward Engineers has long offered in-depth commercial building energy audits, but one of the most frequent comments we receive from our clients is a desire for a less in-depth (and less expensive) audit option.  While an ASHRAE energy audit is certainly valuable and informative, we agree that there should be a less expensive option.  Our new Small Business Energy Audit allows a building owner to get professional advise on ways to save money without breaking the bank.  Be sure to read our article introducing this new service and then give us a call to schedule your audit.

Here’s a few other topics we were talking about this month:

  1. How Insulation Works – Insulation is like a cozy blanket for your building. Our article explains how it works.
  2. Refrigerator Energy Tips – Have you ever heard that you should keep your refrigerator full to save energy? But does it really work?
  3. Cavitation – Cavitation is one the most interesting phenomena in fluid dynamics. Learn what it is and why engineers care about it.

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